picking a newborn photographer | reno - lake tahoe newborn photographer

You're having a baby! What an exciting time for you! There is so much to do before baby gets here - nursery, getting all the odds and ends, picking a name, picking a pediatrician, and of course - picking a newborn photographer!

We have to make so many choices when having a baby, it can get a little overwhelming. There are so many things that you can be indecisive about - I know I changed my nursery theme half a dozen times before actually settling on one! Picking the right newborn photographer for you may not be easy, and this is why I put together this blog. This isn't an "Oh, pick me! Pick me!" tactic, it's simply meant to be informative. Your newborn is only "newborn looking" for so long, it's important to capture that time before the wrinkles go away, their skinny legs fill in, and they plump up.

Here are a few things to consider when picking a newborn photographer...

Pre-Consult: It is important to meet with the photographer for a pre-consult before deciding. This allows not only you to meet who (if you haven't already met them), but it also allows the photographer to meet you, and get a sense of what you are looking for style wise (will touch more on this below). At a pre-consult you find out who is going to be handling your precious bundle of joy. This is where you build your trust with them. If you are choosing a photographer that is not local, they should be getting you on the phone to do an over the phone pre-consult. If they won't meet/speak with you for a pre-consult, that is a HUGE red flag. RUN!

Style: Determine what style you like. Complex posing or simple posing? Bright or neutral? Making sure you find the style you like is going to make the world of difference when picking a newborn photographer. 

Experience: I get everyone starts somewhere with experience. I've been there and so thankful for the clients that trusted me in the beginning. I am not knocking photographers just starting out - I did a couple newborns when I first started out, and decided to cease on doing them until I could better educate myself with newborn photography. For myself, I've attended a newborn workshop where I learned not only posing, but newborn safety. That's the most important thing for a newborn session - safety. Making sure buckets/baskets are weighed down to prevent tipping, knowing that if a foot is turning blue - there's a reason and to fix it. Knowing what uber cute pose you see on Pinterest is actually multiple images combined into one and heavily edited, giving you that uber cute photo. Having a spotter within inches of baby just in case. Don't be scared to ask what newborn workshops a photographer has attended - it's important information! It shows they've cared enough to invest not only in their business, but they've invested in YOU.

Insurance: Believe it or not, every professional photographer should have general liability insurance when photographing highly sensitive areas such as newborn and wedding. This is for everyone's safety all around. Heaven forbid something happen during a session, but like automobile insurance, if something were to happen - you know your covered by them having general liability insurance.

Price: This may be the struggle of hiring Photographer A ($) and Photographer B ($$$) - price. Don't let a price tag scare you away. You're investing in images that you will look back on for years to come, images to show your grandchildren, and their children after that. These images will be those images your Grandmother had in a shoe box or album that got pulled out every Christmas to show the family. Just because the price is "better", is the quality there? You aren't just paying someone to take a quick snapshot of your baby, you are paying someone to capture your baby at that very moment - freezing all that newness for you to look back on. It's a memory that has been taken and put onto paper. That is priceless.

Again, this is not a ploy to sell myself, if you choose to do a pre-consult with me, it may turn out that our visions are different, and that's okay. This is simply meant to be an informative piece when you are looking for a newborn photographer (or any type of photographer), and to give you some things to consider when choosing Photographer A ($) or Photographer B ($$$).