Winter Engagement Session | Donner Lake | Reno - Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer

Ahhhh! Winter shoots are awesome - even when it becomes white-out conditions and we have maybe a 15 minute break in the storm. We will rock it! Donner Lake is one of my favorite spots to shoot - it’s incredible through all the seasons - which makes it even more awesome. Donner Summit is breathtaking, but in the winter, it’s impossible to shoot out on. So we are left with the piers down at the lake. No complaints here though!

I’ve known Wil and Ashley for several years. In fact, Wil is my husband’s best friend! They met in Forest Service back in 2008 and worked on same crews/engines as each other for quite a few years. They are both giant boys and when you get them together, the goofiness is strong. So incredibly thankful to have him as a friend and even consider him family.

I am so excited about this wedding and so honored to be capturing (most) of their day! I have been told I have to put my camera away after the first dance. Think I can sneak in a couple shots after that? Challenge accepted guys. Haha.

Roughly 6 weeks and counting for wedding day for these two!! Lookout for that blog.