Who the heck am I?! Get to know me!

Photo by the amazing  Jami Laree

Photo by the amazing Jami Laree

The oh so fun part of the website! As a photographer I get to work closely with so many when it comes to their photo sessions and wedding days. I always like to get to know my clients a little more, and I like them to get to know me! I feel it's a very important aspect of doing what I do, and I am happy to say I have so many clients that are now friends. I love the relationships I get to build with my clients and I know it all starts with getting to know each other. I've tried to break it down into some fun sections - so take a peek and get to know me a little more, but first - the boring stuff!

I am from Redding, CA but am truly an Army Brat so not to sure I can claim the being "from" someplace. It's where I spent most of my time though (17 years to be exact). We moved to Reno, NV in early 2014 and have settled in nicely. I am a wife to an amazing man and mom to three crazy loving boys (Elijah 12, Jordan 11, Nolan 7). I am fur-mama to a husky and two cats (so don't mind me if I have a stray hair on my shirt)! I live in leggings and yoga pants. I'll admit - I am kind of a LuLaRoe addict. I make no excuses for that. :)

I have been a photographer for about 4 years but have always had a camera. I received my first camera for Christmas when I was 5 years-old. Film of course. I opened a shared studio with two gal pals/amazing photographers in May 2016. It's been quite the journey and so eye opening!

Now a little quick Q & A about me...

Starbucks drink of choice?
Currently loving the Pink Drink and Pink Ombre, but do love me a good vanilla chai on ice. Honestly though, I am a Dutch Bros. girl at heart. They need to hurry up and get one (or two) in Reno so I can indulge in an iced Kicker!

Wine or beer?
Both. ;)

Favorite sports team(s)?
I am a Colts fan and watched Manning when he was a young Colt himself. When he went to the Broncos, I became a Broncos fan by default. Still follow both as my oldest is a huge Broncos fan.

Favorite movie and TV show?
I don't have one particular favorite one. There are so many I love! So here's a few...

  • P.S. I Love You
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Talladega Nights
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Halloweentown
  • Harry Potter

TV shows...

  • One Tree Hill
  • Friends
  • Grey's Anatomy

What are some hobbies?
Well, I don't have much time to do anything extra between work, family and photography. When I do have some extra time I do love going on road trips or doing some remodeling/updating around the house.

If there is anything else you want to know about me - please feel free to ask! I'm an open book.