You probably have so many questions in your  journey of looking for a photographer - so here's a little FAQ of some of the most frequent questions I get asked by clients!

Do you travel? If so, how far?
I love to travel! So how far will I go? Where do you want me to go?! I can travel as long as I have some notice to be able to make the proper arrangements! So lets go on an adventure!

There are some travel costs that may need to be covered - but we can discuss this in further detail at your pre-consult.

Can we remove the 2nd shooter from the wedding collection to save?
No. I do not give an option of not having a 2nd shooter for my 3 larger wedding collections. I feel that having a 2nd is beneficial not only for me, but for my client. They get the double the coverage. I cannot be in two places at once, and having my 2nd allows us to cover more at the same time. I am not wasting time driving back and forth to make sure things get covered. My 2nd is an amazing photographer, and has learned how I shoot, and our wedding work is cohesive. I do all the editing of her images to be sure to keep that cohesiveness.

Can we remove the engagement session from the wedding collection to save?
No. This is a complimentary session I give to my couples who book of my top three wedding collections. It's a "Thank You" from me to you for booking me to capture your special day. It also allows us to learn about each other more when it comes to shooting and posing. You learn my lingo and cues, and I see how you pose! It'll help us for the wedding day!

Are you insured and licensed?
Yes. As a small business - I must have these items! It is the responsible way to run a business, and some venues require the vendors you hire to have these items. Meaning, if you are having your wedding a venue that requires these items, and your photographer does not - then they won't be allowed to shoot there! Always ask this when interviewing photographers! Even if your venue does not require it - it's still the responsible way to run a business!

How long does it take to receive my online gallery?
Standard sessions take about 2-3 weeks for online gallery delivery. Weddings are 6-8 weeks. I try to get them out sooner, but depending on the season, life mishaps, it may not happen.

How long will it take to receive my printed products?
Depends on the product! Prints and canvases can be delivered within three weeks after you choose your images to have printed. Albums take longer as there is building the album and then proofing. Depending on how quickly this gets done, it can take up to 6-8 weeks for the delivery of the album.

How many weddings do you shoot a year?
My goal is to shoot 10-15 weddings annually. Why so few? I believe in quality over quantity. I want to make sure I give my clients the best experience possible, and for myself - I feel 10-15 a year is the best thing for me. I don'r feel comfortable taking on more as I feel I would be stretching myself thin between work, family and my standard sessions. It's a personal choice I made for my business.

Do you offer payment plans?
I do! I know planning a wedding or a standard photography session can be pricey, and I want to make it as easy as possible on my clients. I will work with you on a payment plan for your wedding collection. We can discuss this in more detail in your pre-consult.

Do you give the RAW images?
No. The RAW images are mine and I do not release to the client (unless it's discussed and there is a cost to receive the RAW files). The RAW files are basically the proof of holding the copyright (which I also hold unless discussed and there is an added cost to gain the copyright of the images).

Do I received all images shot?
No. You don't want to have to go through all the images I take. That is why you pay me - to give you only the images that need to be seen. I am OCD about the ones I give as I want to make sure you are only given the best images and you aren't feeling overwhelmed when going through your images.

How many images do I receive?
Standard sessions - depending on the type of session - you will receive an online gallery of 25+ images. From there, you get to choose the amount allotted per your session terms. Weddings - depending on the amount of hours covered and activities covered - you will receive between 65 - 500 (65 being from the lowest booked package of 3 hours). 

Do we need to feed you at the reception?
Well, it isn't required but it would be super nice! I like to eat while the bride and groom are eating so that I can be done when they are and then capture and candids with guests. Remember, myself and my 2nd have been on our feet all day - so feeding us is a super nice gesture!

How do you feel about family and friends taking pictures during the wedding ceremony?
This is a hot topic in the photography community. I don't want to limit your family/friends doing this, but I also don't want them in the way when I am trying to get those must-need shots. I do ask that guests not stand in or lean into the center isle as I shoot down the isle, and they could end up blocking me for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. There are no re-dos on the first kiss. I will politely ask them to go back to their seat as I need to make sure I get the the proper shots that I have been paid to get.

During formals, I ask that guests not take pictures. This is the time that I am posing you and it is my "art" that I am capturing. Plus, if you have Uncle Bob standing next to me taking pictures - you may get pictures of one of you looking at him and one of you looking at me (trust me - I've had it happen).

I ask that no other "professional" photographer post pictures on their pages. I am the hired photographer and I do not want my work confused with their's.


Okay - I think that is about it for the FAQs - if there are any questions you have, please be sure to ask me! I am always updating this, so it's always nice to add those new questions!